your impact

How can I help?

As a volunteer at Flowers Children's Centre we do our best to make you feel like part of the family.

We appreciate your experience and input but also expect you to observe and respect the cultural aspects (please note that we are according to Tanzanian law required to follow the curriculum). 

Your main task is to assist with the care and supervision of our children, help with daily activities such as meal times, playtime, and educational activities. You're a handyman or you like painting? We always have ongoing or new projects you can involve yourself depending on your interests and skills. We kindly encourage you to bring in your own ideas.


What is expected of me?

It is expected that volunteers show a positive attitude, a eagerness to learn, and a commitment to the well-being of the children. Curiosity, openness and the willingness to indulge into a foreign country and culture are important qualities we are looking for in a volunteer. And most importantly a big heart! 

How long is my commitment?

The volunteer commitment can vary depending on your specific plans and our needs. We require a minimum commitment of four weeks as you will need some time to adapt to the climate and the culture and get to know the school and the kids. Volunteers can stay up to six months. Longer commitments are available upon request. 


We can imagine that you have lots of other questions. Go check out our FAQ section to find useful information about volunteering at our daycare.