Friends of Flowers

The association "Friends of Flowers"  was founded on 30.12.2022 by Sandra & Can Akman and Angela Pennimpede and is based in Münsterlingen-Scherzingen (Switzerland).


The purpose of the association is to support Flowers Children's Center (FCC). We are collecting donations and are transfering them regularly to FCC in Tanzania. The association is also responsible for the administration, coordination and contact management of the volunteers.

Flowers Children's Centre is mainly financed by donations, which is why the association organizes regular fundraising campaigns. The donations are used to cover running costs such as rent, wages, meals, school materials, uniforms and emergency medical treatment. 


The members of the association work closely with the founder of FCC, Denis Palla. The association does not pursue any commercial purposes and does not seek to make a profit. The organs work on a voluntary basis.

How can you support Friends of Flowers?

  • Are you enthusiastic about our project? - Tell others about it!
  •  Are you clearing out your attic, cellar or garage? - Sell the goods on an online platform or at a flea market - the Flowers children will be delighted with the proceeds.
  • Are you celebrating a milestone birthday with a big party and would like a contribution to the aid project instead of a gift? - We would be delighted to receive your donation.
  • Would you like to do something good and donate your tips to a good cause this month? Very much appreciated!
  • Do you have your own company? This year, instead of a Christmas present for your employees, you're making a donation on behalf of the management and the entire workforce. Thank you very much!
  • You have a talent for organization and are organizing a charity event such as a concert, an art exhibition or a charity auction? That's great!

Every donation, big or small, counts.


Do you have any other ideas for collecting donations? - Let us know!



Curious what's going on at the moment? check out our Newsletter!

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