Nothing in Life is free


From the very first moment when you are contacting us, during your journey and up until the moment you will leave us, our team is involved and engaged. It's a lot of work to prepare and arrange your volunteer assignment. 

Our project is solely funded by donations, so giving you the unique opportunity of volunteering is for us an option to generate a little bit of extra money to fund our project. It's a win-win-situation, isn't it? 


What does it cost:

We are charging the following fees: 

Board and accommodation: 120 CHF per week per person. 

Registration fee: 200 CHF per person. For couples/friends volunteering together 300 CHF. 

(Please note: all our prices are in Swiss francs (CHF) as our association is based in Switzerland. Therefore, the prices are converted into the respective currency according to the current exchange rate). 


What do my fees cover?

Board and Accommodation:

2 meals a day from Monday to Friday, accommodation and housekeeping as well as gated security at night. Please note, that drinking water is not included. It is up to the volunteers to provide drinking water. We provide a drinking water dispenser. Volunteers can buy the 5 liter canister at the supermarket. 


Registration fee:

Pre-arrival preparation:  This means all the work that goes into preparing you and planning your placement before you arrive. Remember that you are going into a community of real people, this takes careful and correct planning.

Town-Tour:  Our volunteer coordinator shows you how to ride the Dalla-Dalla (public transport) and takes you on a tour around town. She will show you where to find the most important things (ATM, SIM-Card, markets, restaurants). Feel free to ask as many questions as you can to make sure you will feel at ease from day one.

Airport transfer:  We will arrange your airport pickup and dropoff with a private driver.

Coordination:  You will have a hostel and volunteer coordinator on site who will support you.


Where do my fees go?

The fee for board and accommodation covers all the expenses of the hostel and our staff. We ensure you that you have full support and advice from the moment you get in touch with us until you have to leave. Everything is well organised and our team will take good care of you. So you have the possibility to solemnly focus on your volunteering assignment.


The revenues are fully used to cover the running costs for Flowers Children's Centre. With your payment your helping our cause.


What else?

Living costs compared to your home-country are generally not high. But it definitely depends on your living standard. If you're using public transport, you're going out for diner or drinks once a week, buy some western food at the supermarket, you will need around 30 - 50 Euros a week.


You will also need a Tanzanian SIM Card as we don't offer WIFI at the hostel. It will cost you around 15 Euro incl. 10GB data. 


Are you in?

Then send us a message or get in touch. If you have more questions just hit our FAQ section or let us know about your concerns. We are happy to help you and share our knowledge.