Welcome to Maua Hostel

Dear future volunteers, 


we are proud to inform you that we found a suitable house where we will soon be able to host our future Flowers Volunteers. Flowers Hostel is located very close to Flowers School so that it only take a 2-minutes walk to get to the school. Furthermore you will find small shops, a supermarket and a pub just next to it. Because of that there is no need to go to town for your daily needs. But also for going to town our hostel is located in an advantageous place. If you take the Dala Dala (the stop is 5 minutes walk away), you'll get to the center of Arusha in only 20 minutes.


The hostel has three bedrooms in which two volunteers can stay each. One of the bedrooms has its own bathroom with toilet and shower inside. This room will be saved for those who will stay more than 4 weeks or for couples who want to volunteer together at Flowers. The other four volunteers will have to share the other bathroom. A kitchen is also provided, so that you can make yourself a cup of coffee or tea and prepare yourself some food on the weekends. During the week there will be a cook serving breakfast and dinner for you. Lunch will be provided at school or you just go to a pub close by and get a snack there. For making your stay relaxed and secure a security guide will be there during the night. 


Because we are not an organisation sending volunteers to different places, we don't charge a high amount of money for transfer. We are trying to keep the costs as low as possible in order to reach as many people as possible, even if they can't afford high placement costs. Yet we will still charge a weekly fee which will cover the expenses of the hostel and the staff. The financial excess will be used to cover the costs for Flowers Children's Centre, such as food for the children, teachers salary and rent for the land.


If you decide to come to Flowers Hostel, we will try everything to make your stay as marvelous as possible :)