Flowers Children's Centre

Flowers Children’s Centre is a daycare in Arusha - Tanzania and enables around 40 children from impoverished backgrounds aged from 2-6 years a strong early childhood educational foundation. 


Our integrated approach is based on the following four pillars: 

  • Early childhood education
  • Proper nutrition
  • Basic medical care
  • Family support 

Contrary to the Tanzanian public schools, we are a small institution. Therefore, we are attentively focusing on each and every child. We concentrate on their abilities, support and promote their talents and development and strengthen their weaknesses. Additionally, we provide assistance to the parents both emotionally and financially.


Flowers Children's Centre was established in January 2016 by Denis Palla, a secondary teacher with a dream to empower marginalized children. With this vision in mind and a lot of hard work, he succeeded in overcoming the difficulties and made Flowers into what it is today. 


Between the cultural knowledge of the Tanzanian teachers and diverse experience from our worldwide volunteers, we are able to cultivate a unique and beneficial learning environment for our kids. 


Flowers Daycare is and will remain free of charge, so that even the poorest of children can attend. Therefore, it is solely funded by donations and contributions.