principles & Values


We abide by the Tanzanian Law of the Child Act No. 21 of 2009 as well as the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability. 


According to these laws, children should grow up in in a family environment and the priority should be given to support the child's parents and extended family to enable them to care adequately and to prevent unnecessary separation. We strongly believe, that poverty should never be the sole reason for removing a child from their family. 


Most children living in orphanages have at least one living parents, with poverty being the main underlying reason children are placed in care. Other commons reasons include, disability, access to education, abandonment and discrimination. This is often because families do not have access to the social, health and educations services they need to support their children. 


We are trying to approach this issue and fill that void by strengthening the family system and the community.