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    Karin Richter (Dienstag, 05 März 2019 11:41)

    Im November 2018 dürfte ich vor Ort erleben, was für ein tolles Schulprojekt hier läuft. Die Kinder sind mit Begeisterung beim lernen, in den Pausen öffnen sie ihr Herz beim Spiel. Dennis Pallas, das Lehrerteam, die Mam und alle Helfer bei Flowers, sind mit Freude dabei. Da die Kinder aus armen Verhältnissen kommen, gibt es zwei Mahlzeiten sowie gefiltertes Wasser zum Trinken. Dennis interessiert auch wie es mit den Kindern seiner Schule weitergeht, gerne würde er eine fortführende Schule aufbauen. Hier sind alle gefragt, die das Projekt bewerben können. Mit Freude werde ich von Deutschland aus Unterstützung geben.

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    Antonia Carolina (Freitag, 01 September 2017 11:58)

    Ich habe jede Sekunde in dieser wundervollen und zauberhaften Schule genossen. Jeder Tag mit den süßen Kindern hat mir ein großes Lächeln ins Gesicht gezaubert. Die Arbeit in dieser Schule hat mir in meiner Enscheidung, was ich studieren möchte, sehr geholfen.
    Danke für alles!

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    Sandra Akman (Donnerstag, 23 März 2017 15:11)

    My time at Flowers had been a unique and life-altering experience and it impacted my life in such a positive way. First of all, the kids are truly the cutest on earth. Despite their life of hardship they are happy and positive little human beings driving for knowledge. They are eager to learn and utterly happy if you give them your time and affection. I still miss them every day!
    Beside helping the local teachers in class, I was able to invest myself in supporting the founder, Dennis, with the administrative things, social media marketing and the sponsoring/donorship project. He is a humble guy with a big dream, dedicated and determined to fulfill his vision. And I’m a 100% sure he will! He is very open to new ideas and it gives you the opportunity to be creative and bring yourself in. Beside, I enjoyed working with the other volunteers and the teachers as a team. It gives you insight and a different point of view and I would best describe it as an intercultural exchange. I also believe that the project meets the criteria of sustainable and meaningful volunteer tourism.
    If you decide to volunteer at Flowers, I’m sure you will have the time of your life. You are not going to change the world - but you will change your own world and perspective, not just a little but a lot. In my case, it highly influenced my decision to start my English teacher education, so truly inspiring to reinvent yourself!
    Or if you just wanna drop by and meet the kids, I promise, you will be all smiles for the time being - and even days after.

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    Livia Manning (Mittwoch, 11 Januar 2017 00:40)

    My time spent at the Flowers Center was nothing short of life changing and unforgettable. The children, staff, and other volunteers made the Center a lighthearted and loving environment. At Flowers there are so many areas in which volunteers can help. I was greatly appreciative of the initiative I was given in making the changes I saw fit. It was refreshing to be able to have so much independence in where I spent my time and efforts.
    Each and every student and staff member at Flowers will always hold a special place in my heart. Upon my first visit to the Center, they made me feel welcomed and at home. I looked forward to being able to play and spend time with the kids every day. Their smiles alone made every minute worth it. I am so grateful for the amazing experience.