Meet our little Flowers


Our kids are the heart of Flowers Children's Centre. Coming from a life of hardship and poverty they experience an environment of care and support. 


"Mambo! My name is Msharaf, but everyone calls me Msharafi (it is very common in Kiswahili to add an -i in the end of names or words)."


He's a lively 5 year old boy. In fact, he's always on the run and all over the place, jumping, climbing, fooling around - and he even scuffles a bit with the others. He's full of life, and a happy and playful child and his trademark is his mischievous smile. He likes to test out the boundaries, but he is all the same just adorable.

He attends the middle class at Flowers. He can’t focus for a long time in class. But despite his short attention span, he's a quick learner and just a little smartie-pie. 


"Habari, I'm Mercy" 


She is four years old and studying in the middle class at Flowers. She is a humble, lovely and sweet kid that anyone would like to be with. She is always quiet in class, listening carefully and you can see that she is understanding the lesson. 

She likes singing and playing with others peacefully. 


Meet Donald. He's a sweet and happy child, very affectionate and always smiling. He loves going to school and learn new things. Even though he's only three years old, he's always concentrated during class and actively participating. He attends the baby class at Flowers and is best in every subject. 

"Hello, my name is Hawa."


Hawa is five years old and in the middle class. 

In classroom she's participating actively.  

She likes singing, jumping, playing with others. 

She craves for attention and loves when the volunteers are cuddling her. So she can also be quite a drama queen ;-) 

We are looking for donors/sponsors who are willing to donate on a regular basis. Attendance at Flowers Children's Centre has no fees and will stay free due to the financial backgrounds of the students' families. Nevertheless, to keep our mission going we are dependent on donations on a regular basis to cover and guarantee the running expenses. These expenditures include food, water, rent, staff salaries, maintenance, sanitation, writing utilities, office supply, etc. The monthly costs for sponsoring one child is 10 Euro/USD (yearly 120 Euro/USD). Think about it: if you would only skip your favorite latte and sweet treat once a month and instead donate it - one child will have your back for one month! This is feasible, isn't it? 


Please note, that we won't offer donorship for a specific child anymore. All of us are working voluntarily and the administrative efforts involved to inform each and every donor regularly are far too extensive. By making this contribution, you are supporting Flowers Children's Centre as a whole.