The Daycare


Everyday shortly before 9 am you will hear a chorus of children singing happily. Coming closer and entering through the gate you see them clapping, dancing and laughing through the morning assembly. They are all wearing the school uniform in green and yellow.


At 9 am it starts officially. The kids go to their separate classrooms. “Good morning teacher” they chorus. Each of our three levels - the baby-class (age 2-3 years),  the middle-class (4-5) and the pre-primary class (5-6) - has it’s individual curriculum. They are learning letters, numbers, body parts, colors and things in English. Our local staff is also speaking Kisuaheli to them. 

Shortly before 10 they wait patiently for their breakfast. When each child has received it’s portion, they are praying and blessing their porridge. Some of them drink it very fast as they know it’s break-time after :-) They are running outside as fast as they can. Through break-time they are swinging, running, jumping, playing football, sitting in the sandpit and building sandcastles, and so on. During the rainy season they are playing in either in the “active indoor playroom” or in the “quiet space”, a room for more calm and focused play. 


“Class-time” means time’s up and they go back to their classrooms. It’s time for individual work. During this time volunteers can help the teachers out, writing down exercises or helping the children. To even focus more individually on a specific child, we have a separate room available where one can work in a quiet and calm environment, help with the homework, play a puzzle or draw a picture. The kids love this individual sessions! 


At 1 pm it’s lunchtime. Kids are served another healthy and nutritious meal. When they finish, they bring their plates to the washing station and once again, conquer the playground. They clamor around until they get picked up. One after the other they leave, waving and yelling “good bye teacher, see you tomorrow”.