Our Vision - Flowers Primary School

Since we are loosing a lot of children to primary school (if their parents can effort one), Dennis is now thinking of building a Day- and Boarding English Medium School for primary students (aged 7-12 years).


The school should have four classrooms, one office and at least four bedrooms/ 24 beds. The bedrooms would mainly be used for orphans or children who come from poor families and are not getting enough food at home. Lunch would be provided for all children attending school. Breakfast and dinner would be served for those who are visiting the boarding school.


Flowers Primary School would also be - as Flowers Nursery School - a private school. Children with a rich background would be charged a school fee. This school fee from private students would be used to cover the costs as well as to maintain Flowers current children. It is still our main vision to help those children who come from a poor background, those who are orphans and also those who are sick or have disabilities. If we use the school fee from private students, we will not loose those children, who are currently going to Flowers Nursery school. On the other hand we can get a constant income, which will not only be used for the Primary School but which can also cover some of the expenses from the Nursery School.


Contrary to governmental schools, all subjects at Flowers Primary School will be taught in English. In addition classes will be much smaller than classes from Schools which are funded by the Government. These schools take up to 80 children in only one classroom. Sometimes there are not even enough tables and seats for all children, so that some of the students have to sit on the floor. This - we are all sure - we don't want for our children. So we will still believe in having our own primary school one day.


To buy the land, build the class- and bedrooms and furniture them and install a kitchen and bathrooms, we need approx. 50.000$. This is an aweful lot of money but yet we are not ready to give up on that dream.

Right now we are forced to invest donations into maintaining the nursery school. Our vision won't be complete without further education and a home where our children can stay. Specific funding is needed for Flowers Primary School to set this project back in motion.