Volunteer's Information


If you would like to stay at Flowers Hostel there are a few conditions which should be complied. Please read the following requirements carefully and check if a stay for you at Flowers Hostel is possible.

  • minimum age: 18 years, no age limit
  • good English language skills
  • minimum duration of stay: 2 weeks
  • limit of stay: 3 months (90 days)


Here you are getting an overview about the costs for volunteering at Flowers. If you have further questions feel free to ask.

  • Accomodation and local food (incl. breakfast, lunch at school and dinner)
  • registration fee (incl. pick up from the airport, town tour, instruction to the project, support before and during your stay)
  • business visa (up to 90 days)
  • Tanzanian SIM Card (optional - incl. 10GB data)
  • Pocket money (for daily things)
  • Taxi to the airport (when going back)


80€/ 100$ - week



150€/ 175$


(to be paid at the airport)

15€/ 18$

35€/ 40$ - week

30€/ 35$

After you decided to join Flowers Hostel you will pay the registration fee and one week of your stay which will be 230€/ 275$. The money should be paid to the account below. Because we will use this money for Flowers School, you will get a donation confirmation. Just after we received your payment, your registration will be completed.

Thomas Engel-Stiftung

Nassauische Sparkasse Wiesbaden

IBAN: DE30 5105 0015 0545 0082 94


Payment reference: Tansania + name and address of sponsor

The amount for the rest of your stay should be paid directly in Euro or US Dollar after you've arrived.

Visa information

For volunteering in Tanzania it is important to get a work permit. You can get the Business Visa direct at the Kilimanjaro Airport. It costs 250$ (note that the Dollar notes should not be printed before 2009!)