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We would like to show you what's happening at Flowers, so that you are always informed about the latest events and proceedings. We will try to share all the changes at Flowers with you and keep you up to date.

second half of 2018

July - December 2018


The second half of this year was full of fun :) 


We had some more volunteers joining Flowers and helping us a lot. One of our volunteers collected some money and helped us with buying the food for the kids, buying two football goals (the nets are still missing, but we'll put them in soon) and a basketball hoop. We also got a new table for bibi, so that she can do the dish washing in an upright position now, not hurting her back anymore :)


End of the year some of the volunteers created a Christmas Calender. The kids were thrilled about this idea and each of them got the possibility to get one of the packets filled with a balloon, some sweets and one toy only for them :)


Additionally we got a huge donation of clothes which we gave to all the children. Each child received either some clothes or a pair of shoes. The kids were so proud of what they got :)


We hope that the year 2019 will be as good as 2018 has been! Thanks to everyone who helped - either by donating or by volunteering!


First Half of 2018

January - June 2018


This year started with lots of wonderful volunteers who were taking their creativity to Flowers. Full of enthusiasm they decided to create a play for our children. Therefore they organised some puppets and set up a small theatre. They wrote a small play in Swahili and presented it to our kids who really loved it!


Playing is getting more and more important to Flowers Children's Centre because we realised how important it is to give children the possibility to develop in way which is suitable for children. One of our volunteers thought so too and changed one of the classrooms to a proper playroom. Now our kids have the opportunity to play some games, have a quick nap if needed or just take some quality time off in a wonderful cosy and colourful small room.


We also got some new tables and chairs for our babyclass. Becuase the children in the baby class are only 2 to 3 years old the old benches were just a bit to big for them to sit there in an appropriate way. Now with our new chairs and tables our babys can start concentrating on the important things without struggeling when sitting there.

End of 2017

Merry Christmas to everyone! :)

November - December 2017


These two months we put most of our energy into Maua Hostel. We finished everything inside and bought the last bits and bobs to make our future volunteers feel like home. 

Additionally we prepared two volunteer's handouts - one for the school and one for life and preparation. The handouts, terms and conditions and the registration form for Maua Hostel can now be found on the website at the volunteer's area.


We also had lots of fun with our kids and volunteers. Just before the Christmas holidays, we did some face painting, sang some Christmas songs and also did a lot of dancing. 


Some of our sponsors came to visit the children they are sponsoring. It was a huge pleasure for us to welcome them at Flowers and we really appreciated their short stay.

Following Months

July - October 2017


After plastering the walls of Flowers nursery school, we were lucky to have volunteers at Flowers who decided to give the main building a coulourful look. Also the floors in the classrooms could be concreted so that there is no mud inside the classrooms anymore.

Additionally some of our volunteers put a lot of effort to create a private garden for Flowers :) We are now able to grow our own vegetables and teach the children biological processes in real.

We are delighted to announce that the Lions Club donated two brand-new PAUL water filters to Flowers Children’s Centre. These filters can clean up to 1000l of water every day! We can use one of the filters for Flowers Nursery School and later on, one for Flowers Primary school when opend. This is really a substantial progress for hundreds of children and we want to say THANK YOU!

We also did a lot of organising, having meetings with our cooperation partner "Thomas Engel-Stiftung", conducted a presentation about Flowers at a German University and almost finished the hostel. We will be happy to welcome our first guests and "own" volunteers at Flowers Hostel in the beginning of November and would also be happy to welcome YOU on board :)

Beginning of 2017

March - June 2017

Since March we are discussing a lot about how to fund Flowers Children's Centre without using donations only. Because it's very difficult to be dependent on donations all the time, we are thinking of how to get a permanent income. Right now we have two different ideas which are still in process:

First we would like to have our own hostel for future volunteers. The idea is to provide accommodation and food for volunteers for as little money as possible and without charging volunteers an agency fee. In this way we can help volunteers to keep their stay in Tanzania as cheap as possible and volunteers will help us with funding the school so that we can profit on both sides.

The second idea is to open a governmental primary school for children or families who are able to pay a school fee. We hereby could get enough money to maintain Flowers Children's Centre but also provide further education for our current children after leaving Flowers Children's Centre. Further education for our current children would most certainly still be free!

Additionally thanks to sponsors and volunteers we could keep going with finishing the main building and built steps. Plus: Our toilet doors were painted :)

February 2017

Thanks to donations we could finally built a kitchen for our mama to cook so that she was able to move from her own quarters into a fully operational kitchen with a brand-new stove in close proximity to the school. We are all super happy about this addition as it provides enough space for the meal distribution and includes storage compartments.


We also enlarged our playground with a sandpit - much to the delight of our kids.

They had been thrilled by this new addition and spent hours digging, building, scooping, carrying, molding and scraping.

Children learn best when they are excited and engaged in learning. When there is joy in what they are doing, they learn to love learning. And that’s exactly what we are trying to achieve. Look at the pictures 😍 

January 2017

Belated happy new year friends! 

After some rest we started with renewed commitment and enthusiasm and a few changes into the new school year. Due to a high demand the number of students has risen remarkably up to 90 and we therefore reached full capacity, which will pose a major financial and logistic challenge this year. We had to divide our kids into four classes: 2 baby classes, middle class and the pre-school class. 

Our valued teachers Angel and Tina returned to teachers college to finish their studies. We keep on working with our second Angel, and we welcomed two new teachers, Elizabeth and Irene.

We are so proud of our current volunteers Rebecca and Natalie. 

Thanks to their gofundme campaign they put each and every child a huge smile on their face by giving out 103 backpacks filled with goods. These girls literally put ❤️ into action and will continue to do so. AHSANTE

End of the year 2016

November - December 2016

Similar to the previous months, Flowers Centre also implemented many advancements during this period. These enhancements include the building of a storage room, providing the older children with lunch, giving donors the option to sponsor specific children, creating a website, and buying benches and tables to allow for one-on-one tutoring.


The walls were all finished off and an artist was hired to create a design on the front outside wall of the school. The painted wall has been a great addition to the centre and adds even more happiness to Flowers. Various advancements were also made in the office such as purchasing a storage chest to help organize the school supplies.

following Months

September - October 2016

As a result of the donations collected from volunteers, various projects were created and completed that have greatly enhanced Flowers Children's Centre. These projects include building two new classrooms, a toilet, and a playset. Remaining funds were used to purchase water filters, plates and spoons and a few toys.


Apart from the improvements volunteers were able to make through using donations, they also contributed to the school's well being through their love and patience. They introduced English songs to help the children learn the body parts and made alphabet flash cards to improve the children's knowledge of the English letters.

The Beginning

January - August 2016

When Flowers first opened there was only one building which was divided into three small classrooms. At this time, there were fifty students.

There was very little school supplies and the classrooms did not have blackboards. Because there weren't enough plates, ten children had to eat together from one plate.

During the breaks the children had no opportunity to play games or do activities. They didn't even have a ball for playing football or other games. There was a shortage of water, and thirsty children had no option but to drink water that was unfiltered.

Despite these obstacles, the staff and students of Flowers maintained good attitudes and were always in good spirits.