Mimi na wewe

MIMI NA WEWE - ME AND YOU is our new project


Each week we are going to introduce a new child to you, starting with the ones most in need. We will give you a short description about their family background, personality traits, favorite things and other characteristics.

We are looking for donors/ sponsors who are willing to donate on a regular basis. Attendance at Flowers Children's Centre has no fees and will stay free due to the financial backgrounds of the student's families. Nevertheless, to keep our mission going we are dependent on donations on a regular basis to cover and guarantee the running expenses. These expenditures include food, water, rent, staff salaries, maintenance, sanitation, writing utilities, office supply etc. The monthly cost of sponsoring one child is 10 USD/ Euro. By making this contribution, you will give them the opportunity to have a successful future and find a way out of their lives of poverty and hardship. Your precious help will go a long way and will be greatly appreciated.



If you are interested, just contact us via sponsor@flowers-children.org.

"Hi, my name is Joel. I'm only two years old and I'm living with my parents and my brother and sister not very far from Flowers Children's Centre. Because my parents don't have a permanent job, it's not always easy to cope with life. I'm Iraki by tribe and my religion is christian. I love being at Flowers. Even though I'm still young and not yet very interested in studying, I really enjoy playing outside during breaktime. My favourites are using the swing but also playing football. I already found some friends I can play with. During classtime I love painting pictures. I'm not yet very talkative but I'm always listening carefully. I'm very happy to be at Flowers and I hope that I can stay there for some more years. Would you like to make my wish come true and be my sponsor for some time?"

"Hi, my name is Joan Amadeus Kalist. I was born on 6th of June and will turn 3 years this year. I'm living with my parents and my older brother John. John is also visiting Flowers Children's Centre but attending the Pre-Unit Class. Because it's my first year at Flowers and I'm one of the youngest kids there, I'm sometimes still a bit shy and quiet. But this doesn't mean that I don't enjoy being at school. I'm watching everything carefully and sometimes I'm already brave enough to go out and play at the playground there. I'd love to stay at Flowers for some more time and improve my self-conficence. Would you like to be my sponsor? "

"Hi, my name is Allen, but everybody calls me Alleni (it is very common in Kiswahili to add an -i in the end of names or words). I’m a lively 4 year old boy. In fact, I’m always on the run and all over the place, jumping, climbing, fooling around - and I even scuffle a bit with the others. I’m full of life, and a happy and playful child and my trademark is my mischievous smile. (Small side note: He is sometimes quite a rascal. He never misses a trick. Believe me or not, he peed over the orange scarf to avoid that he has to give it back :-) Quite a smartie-pie, right? He likes to test out the boundaries, but he is all the same just adorable).

I attend the middle class at Flowers and I really like going to school. I can’t focus for a long time in class. But despite my short attention span, I’m a quick learner and I have this farmers shrewdness. Beside the fun part in school, my life is rather hard. I have never met my dad, as he wasn’t supporting my mum when she got pregnant. We are just the two of us. My mummy is jobless and whenever she can, she is going around to sell clothes on the street. I’m always hungry, that’s why I’m a hearty eater at lunchtime. So I make sure I at least get one proper meal a day.”

“Glory is incredibly bright for her age. She knows all of her fruits, vegetables, letters, numbers, animals, body parts and colors in English. When I think of Glory, I remember the time I asked the class if they know what "red" is. Glory pulled off her sweater to show the class her red T-shirt underneath. This is the perfect example of her enthusiasm for learning.

Glory is not only smart, but incredibly independent. She likes to do things herself, which says a lot about who she is and will become as she grows older. Like any 4 year old Glory has a playful side too. After lunch, when the dishes are being cleaned, she loves to splash people with water and jump on their backs, before revealing herself with a mischievous grin.

Glory is a beautiful girl - always smiling and happy. If she could get someone kind enough to sponsor her, Glory could go further than anyone of us could imagine.”

"Hello everybody, I’m Maliki. I will turn 5 in March. 

You got to know my little brother Abilai last week. Life for my mummy with me and my two siblings without reliable help from our father is hard. She tries her best doing daily jobs to support us. 

Nevertheless I’m a happy and cheerful child. I love going to school and I was even awarded with the certificate outstanding student in December, as I am the best in both baby classes. My teacher thinks I’m very smart as I know all of the fruits, vegetables, animals, numbers, letters, and body parts in English. I love to be told that I have done a good job, so I shout the answer out in class, even when it’s not my turn.

Outside of class, I love to swing. I’m also proud to be an older brother and I’m always looking after my baby brother Abilai. As soon as break time hits, I’m searching for him. I’m easy to spot in a crowd of children: you can see me from a mile away in my favorite Spider-Man pajama top - and a beautiful smile!”

“Good morning, my name is Abilai. I am two and a half years old and I attend baby class. My bigger brother Maliki is in my class too, so I always have him by my side to protect me. I am one of the youngest and smallest kids in my class and because of this it is sometimes really hard for me to concentrate and to follow the teachers instructions. Also I can be shy from time to time that means I am afraid of talking in front of the class or to do writings on the blackboard. Beside this I am a very cheerful child who likes to play with other kids and especially the volunteers. I love to wear a bright yellow Minions shirt and a flashy orange Donald Duck pants. 

We are three kids and living with our single mum. Our father is just sometimes with us and therefore not reliable. He is neither supporting us regularly and my mum doesn’t have a steady job, just daily work. So life is hard for the four of us. That’s why I enjoy my time at Flowers so much, I learn, play, cuddle and smile a lot!”

“Good morning, my name is Glory. I’m a sweet and happy child, very affectionate and always smiling. I love going to school and learn new things. Even though I’m only four years old, I’m always concentrated during class and actively participate. I attend the middle class at Flowers and I’m best in every subject. I’m very intelligent and I hope to get a good educational foundation, so that I can support my family in the future. I have 3 siblings. My parents are daily workers. I would like to be a teacher when I’m grown up. I’m always wearing a school uniform, that makes me proud and reminds me of my goal. And either a purple hat or one with hearts in different colors. This look is so adorable. During the breaks I prefer cuddling than playing. I sometimes even learn during the breaks. But I love to draw and paint or quietly play something. I am Flowers little Miss Sunshine.”

"Hi, my name is Stan. I am three years old. I live with my older sister and my mom. Our daddy left us and life can be really tough sometimes for the three of us. Nevertheless I am a very happy and active child. I love playing football, running around and fool around with my class mates in baby class. My best friend is baby Carren (the one in the pink jacket). I hug her all the time and she is always giggling. I love participating during class, that’s why I am also a quick learner. Sometimes I am so hungry that I try to eat the dust from the doors in our school. Each day after school I am walking to a shop next to Flowers where my mom is doing her part time job, that is where I spend my afternoons watching people walk around. My trademark is wearing a cool hat every day.”

"What is your name: Sharon!! I'm three years old. My father died and my mom is somewhere in Dar es Salaam struggling with her life. So I live with my grandma. She wants me to receive a good education and maybe achieve to become a nurse to help sick people. I look like a cute little girl, but I often fool around. I am a very enthusiastic pupil and I love to sing and repeat everything my teacher is saying. I am definitely the one with the loudest voice in my whole class. But I am also easily distracted and often lose concentration when the teacher or the volunteers want me to learn something. When this happens, I simply smile at them, and they forgive me immediately. I like to sit on the volunteer's laps during class and just look at them. I'm ticklish and always such on my thumb when I'm tired. I often fall asleep in school and my teacher has to wake me up. I love to draw., colour and swing on the playground."

"Hi my name is Ebenezer and I am four years old. I attend the baby class at Flowers. My father died when  I was still little so now I live alone with my mother, which means that our life is quite hard. I am a rather quiet and shy child but I love going to school and I am a quick learner. In my class I am one of the smartest kids. I can understand English pretty well and can count to 100 without making any mistakes. During break time my favourite activity is using the slide over and over again. Sometimes I have a hard time connecting to the other children because I am more of an introverted person, but I have still made good friends. I think school is a good opportunity for me to get an substantial childhood education."

"I'm Noeli and I will turn four on the 21st of December. I don't know my dad and my mum is missing, which is why I live with Grandmother and my aunt. I'm very small for my age, but this doesn't stop me from growing big. Whenever I see a camera, I'm the first one to stand in front of it, posing and making funny faces. Focusing in school is sometimes difficult for me, but I enjoy being there and love learning different things like the alphabet. I have just one sweater; it's blue. I like cars and bicycles and everything else with a motor that makes noise."

"Hello, my name is Carren. I was born in May of 2011 with Down Syndrome. But this doesn't stop me from learning a lot in school and I am always happy and smiley. My father Juma died in 2012, so I never got to know him and my mother is missing. Therefore I live with my lovely grandmother, Merry. She is taking good care of me, bringing me to school every day as well as picking me up. We are living in the Baraa district, so we have to walk thirty minutes each way. I attend the baby class. I like to help the teachers and volunteers clean the dishes and fold the jackets, as well as assist the them in class. I love to wear sparkling pink dresses that make me look like a princess. I am the sunshine of the Flowers Children's Centre."