Our Team

Dennis John - Founder/ Director

Dennis John was born in Dodoma, Central Tanzania. He is the Founder and Director of Flowers Children's Centre and also the teacher of Flower's secondary class.


After college Dennis worked as a secondary teacher. Because there are many disadvantaged children living in Tanzania, Dennis decided to work in different orphanages in Arusha (Tanzania) with his aim to open his own orphanage - Flowers Orphanage - in January 2016.


The beginning was very hard and Dennis struggled to get the attention of donors, sponsors and volunteers. However, as a result of his determination, he finally managed to make Flowers Children's Centre into the place it is now.


Because Dennis was able to realize his vision in such a short period of time, the amount of growth the centre will experience in the future is endless.

the Teachers


Rachel, Glory, Mwana and Stella are the heart of our school. They all did a one year course in "Earlier Childhood Education" and are professionals in teaching at nursery schools.


Each of them is very special in their own way, using their own talents to teach our little flowers in a specific way.


We are grateful to have them all!

Vicky Link - Cooperation Partner Fulda

Vicky was born and lives in Fulda, Germany. She is a Social Worker and a Health Practioner for Psychotherapy.


She has professional experience working with refugees, disabled and mentally/emotionally ill children as well as orphans.


Her range of responsibilities includes the website, marketing/advertisement as well as being responsible for volunteers.


She also is a member of the managing committee of the German foundation “Thomas Engel-Stiftung”, which is supporting Flowers Children's Centre with collecting donations.

Sandra Akman - Cooperation partner Switzerland

Sandra was born in Switzerland and was living in New York for several years. Her professional background is Business Administration with a specialization in the field Social Insurance and Social Welfare. She also has work experience with disabled and handicapped people, individuals and/or families at risk and refugees. She is doing an educational training as an English teacher at the moment.


Sandra is the administrator on Facebook and responsible for the Social Media Marketing as well as the sponsoring/ donor-ship project “mimi na wewe”.