Flowers Nursery School

Flowers Nursery School offers education for children in need. These include children with disabilities, orphaned, or those who come from very poor families.

Flowers School is and will remain free of charge, so that even the poorest of children can attend.


Contrary to the Tanzanian public schools, we are a small institution with only ninety students aged two to six. Therefore, we are attentively focusing on each and every child. We concentrate on their abilities, support and promote their talents and development and strengthen their weaknesses. Additionally, we provide assistance to the parents both emotionally and financially.


Between the cultural knowledge of the Tanzanian teachers and diverse experience from our worldwide volunteers, we are able to cultivate a unique and beneficial learning environment for the students.



Flowers School is separated into three educational levels:


1st  - baby class (age from 2-3 years)

2nd - the middle class (age 4-5 years)

3rd  - primary pre-class one (age 6-7 years)

The focus in the pre-school classes is to teach the basics as of mathematics, Phonics, and English.

During School Holidays

When there are school holidays in Tanzania, Flowers Primary School is also giving the opportunity of joining a secondary class. This class is a good supplement to keep studying, even though there is no school lessons for them during that time. Children can do their homework and get device if needed. This class is looked after by Flowers director Dennis John.

Form 1 (age from 12-15 years)

In the secondary class the curriculum is focused on building upon the students' previous knowledge from primary class and is centered on the subjects of English, mathematics and science.